Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ImagiNations: Hussards Poitou

I decided on the weekend that there has been too much attention the last couple of years on building armies for Nordstrum (for Michael) and Gaelia (for Mel), so back to the better army, Le Grand-Duché de Gourmandie. I delved into the box o' shame and found some Crusader Miniature hussars that were part of a large order I made from Old Glory before their distribution agreement with Crusader was ended (maybe five... six years ago?). At the time, I realized I'd never get such a deal again (40% discount with the OG Army card) and I put in a huge order ($700-800ish, after the discount). My foresight has, I suppose, come to fruition. The only problem was the horses. While I had enough left over for this unit, they had been through a failed priming episode sometime in the last few years (the less said the better). Thus, they were subjected to a Simple Green bath and vigorous brushing. This removed 90% of the paint but left a filmy coating on the figures. A lengthy bath in vinegar and scrubbing with detergent afterward seemed to do the trick. All this extra work had these figures toppling on the edge of my patience and they just barely made it on to the positive side of the cost-benefit  analysis.

Les Hussards Poitou (Crusader Miniatures)
Raised and paid for personally by Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou.

Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou.
His Eminence has a special rule in Black Powder: Clergy - May attempt to rally one unit per turn within 12" (and outside 12" from the enemy); OR re-roll one Break Test if unit within 12"

Monday, June 15, 2020

FIW: first game

A few weeks ago, Michael and I were able to throw the new French & Indian War collection on the table for a game. This was as much an opportunity to throw dice and get a feel for the period with Sharp Practice 2 as anything else; thus, no game narrative and only pictures. 

A good view of all the new (and refurbished) trees. I think they provide a good woodland mix.

Skirmishers deploy into the woods.

French regulars arrive!

British regulars and rangers deploy to attack the fort.

Milice Canadienne man the ramparts.

Rangers blast the head of the French column.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

ImagiNations: Infanteri Brokkebjerg

Marching out from the Nordstrum depots, a new regiment: Infanteri Brokkebjerg.

Infanteri Brokkebjerg is the start of a second brigade for the Nordstrum army. The first brigade (see here) sported red facings and these new units will have yellow. As with the first brigade, these are all Front Rank figures from the Spanish Napoleonic range.

While writing this post I recalled that I had completed some heavy artillery for the second Nordstrum brigade last month but had neglected to post. Again, these are Front Rank Figures. The heavy artillery in the Nordstrum army (allocated at one battery per brigade) is a separate administrative organization from the infantry and thus do not share the brigade facing colours. Instead they sport blue uniforms with red facings, regardless of their brigade assignments.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

something new, you say? a little trip into the desert

As Vidal over the years has frequently indulged my various gaming whims, I thought I'd jump on board one of his projects, at least in a limited way. And no, this is not the start of another new project for, really! Vidal has been beavering away at a colonial Sudan project and has made some significant progress but it seemed he would need some bolstering of the Madhist forces. I thus ordered a box of Perry plastics and began to add to his growing horde. It's all too true that I'm not a fan at all of plastics (too fiddly and time-consuming) but I persevered and assembled the box (shy of a few models) and came up with a few units.

Two 12-figure groups of spear and sword-armed warriors, one 6-figure group of riflemen, and two leaders. Flags are scanned and home-printed versions of the ones in the Perry instructional pamphlet.

Two leaders (or Big Men).

Bija tribesmen (or "fuzzy-wuzzies"). 
I opted for the simpler tribal option of undecorated robes, although I did decorate a couple of the hems.

Kordofani tribesmen.

Kordofani riflemen.
This will be a standard 6-figure skirmish unit for Sharp Practice (if that is indeed the ruleset of choice).

Thursday, May 21, 2020

FIW: Phase 1 complete

While trying to avoid the exclamation that "this project is complete", I have slightly amended my plans for the new FIW collection. No project is ever complete, there is always something else to add. But in this case, I have completed all the figures I have on hand or have recently ordered and thus, Phase 1 is complete! Phase 2 will take off later in the year hopefully, as the Brigade Games FIW Kickstarter is planned to ship in September. But for now, the latest order from Northstar has been painted and added to the collection.

French fusiliers and grenadiers from regiment La Sarre.
Crusader Miniatures & GMB flag.
These were painted mainly with GW contrast paints. I'm particularly sold on Apothecary White. I've never felt comfortable painting white uniforms until now... at least it's not a burden for me anymore.

Phase 1 French force. 
Mixed in there is another Indian unit of six figures and a leader from the latest Northstar order.

Phase 1 British force.
The latest Northstar order included six more rangers. I'll run this unit as Provincial Rangers as opposed to the two units of Colonial Rangers.

Monday, May 4, 2020

SP2: French artillery

Looking for another quick win on my painting desk, I dug into the French Napoleonic pile and dug out six foot artillerists. This batch will give me two guns and crew for my French force in SP2 or one 2-gun battery for Black Power.

Foundry figures with a proxy American cannon (my French SP2 collection is in forced isolation in the Cambridge Gaming Emporium).

FIW: provincial gentlemen & native deployment point

Another filler effort while waiting for more FIW figures to arrive in the post. Digging around in my spares box, I found a couple of civilian figures from Blue Moon (produced by Old Glory). While not meant to fulfill any particular function in games, they nonetheless can add some character to the scene.

Here we have a somewhat haughty local land owner, perusing his holdings.

Another local, donning his provincial regimentals.

My last two Northstar native figures based together as a deployment point. I would have preferred some "skulking" figures, scouting the enemy by stealth, but those types of figures are rare and difficult to find (in my unpainted boxes and on the interwebs).