Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting Points

While tracking one's painting progress by assigning points to figures completed is nothing new, it was something that I've been contemplating for a while. I used to have a large white board hanging beside my painting desk with lists of units in the painting queue. I would cross out each as it was finished. This would give me a quick visual incentive for continuing work on different projects. Recently, I noticed a couple of threads on The Miniatures Page that referred to the point system. Thus was born my own tracking system.


28mm foot - 1 point
28mm horse/rider - 2 points
28mm artillery piece - 1 point
54mm foot - 1.5 points
54mm horse/rider - 3 points


15mm foot - 0.5 points
15mm vehicle - 3 points

These categories reflect only my own collections and ongoing projects but any other category is easily extrapolated. So for April 2009 (the first month I started to keep track), I managed 45 points. This included 8 x 28mm Napoleonic Spanish cavalry and 29 Carlist Wars foot figures. I think this is a fairly good start. For May, I originally predicted 59 points made up of a mixture of 28mm Napoleonics and 54mm AWI. Unfortunately, it looks as though that goal will have to be revised. Not through lack of time spent at my painting desk, I've been stuck on an 8 figure Napoleonic Spanish cavalry unit that was only finished two days ago. Not sure why because there's nothing particularly challenging about this unit and its uniforms. Oh well...maybe my estimate was too high to begin with. Updates to follow....

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