Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Battle Chronicler

I found a most useful product yesterday, Battle Chronicler. Besides the fact that it is an extremely useful product, it's also a free download! This is a program that will allow me to create some very cool After Action Reports. I've included a screen shot below to give some idea what a battle report in progress will look like.

To quote from the site: "Battle Chronicler aims to make it quick and easy to produce great looking battle reports that other gamers will want to read. Using the latest developments in Windows technology Battle Chronicler delivers fantastic graphics and a ultra modern user interface. So if you are miniatures wargamer looking to enhance your hobby with some cool software then you have come to the right place."

I'm really looking forward to using Battle Chronicler for my AARs, especially when I want to record campaign battles. I'm off to game some WWII tonight using Too Fat Lardies I Aint' Been Shot Mum so I'll hopefully have a battle report tomorrow using Battle Chronicler!


  1. Where is the battle report you lazy bum?

  2. Oh, that hurts! I do have alife...sometimes!