Friday, June 12, 2009

The Good and the Bad

The Good first! While I was at Vidal's house on Wednesday playing 15mm WWII, I was able to take some pics of his new 28mm Carlist Wars figures. We almost have enough finished to try out a small game.

Carlist infantry with a very cool bugler!

Carlist skirmishers. Gotta' love those tams!

Now the Bad. While at Vidal's, we had the opportunity to adjudicate the current turn of our Theatre of War Napoleonic campaign. The French were able to follow up on their last victory and catch the same Austrian battlegroup as they were attempting to retreat northwards to safety. The resulting battle we didn't even fight on the tabletop since there were 28 French units to three Austrian (not even worth setting up for). We agreed that it would be a "Crushing Victory" for the French and the resultant loss in National Will Points for the Austrians brought their total down to zero. Thus the campaign is over!

I think that for future versions I need to adjust the National Will Point totals to more effectively synchronize with the size of the map. Low totals for small maps and and larger totals for the big ones. Otherwise, it's almost impossible to traverse a large map, fighting battles along the way and staying in the fight.

My next attempt at a Napoleonic campaign will involve point-to-point movement , more players, and a more streamlined hybrid of Theatre of War and Field of Battle. But more of that anon...

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