Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Historicon photos

I was able to acquire some photos of two of the most impressive games at Historicon (OK, bias admitted!). Below are some great shots of Bob and Matt Lehman's 54mm AWI game, using ATKM figures and rules. This is a fabulous setup that the elder Bob has really outdone himself with. I understand that he even sold several of the terrain pieces to one of the participants at game's end.

And below are some shots of the ATKM Invitational game on Saturday night in the Distelstink room. You may be able to pick out yours truly somewhere. The room was busy and hot and, at least for the first couple of hours, Ken and I had to yell to make ourselves heard over the din. The room had also acquired a rather pungent air from a full day's gaming. I swear a vendor could make a fortune selling deodorant (of course, directions for use would also have to be provided).

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  1. Is that you with the big belly and the white hat? I can't tell. Side profile matches. :D

    J/K...the game looks grand. I should have begged to make this one.