Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lord of the Rings

I was able to finish only 12 28mm Carlist Wars figures in July, giving me a mere 12 Painting Points. At least they're guard! I'll have pictures (hopefully) sometime this week.

Meanwhile, I was able to get some more gaming in on the weekend at MIGS. When I arrived on Sunday, Steve Thomson had his impressive Lord of the Rings collection on the table and I talked him into running a game for me. While not my regular cup of tea, Lord of the Rings has always held a fascination for me (as I'm sure it does for others as well). When Games Workshop brought out the range (how many years ago?), my sons were much younger and we started a collection, which, if memory serves, was rather large and varied. We played many games with the original skirmish-style rules but as the boys got older and my interests went elsewhere, this project was shelved. Steve has taken his collection and re-based them for Games Workshop's War of the Ring. These rules have the familiar feel and mechanics of the original, expanded and improved to handle large formations and armies. I must admit that while these are fairly standard I-GO-U-GO rules (not normally my cup o' tea), they are fun! Besides, I can't give a serious critique of rules that are designed for fantasy gaming. There would seem to be a basic inconsistency there! We played two games on Sunday, Rohan v. Uruk-Hai and Rohan v. Elves. Both were quite enjoyable even though I was on the losing end of both. Using trolls, however, was enough to make the losses palatable. I took a few pics with my crackberry, below (apologies for the quality).

Two trolls taking on Riders of Rohan. The trolls made mincemeat of these horsemen but were eventually overcome by numbers.

An Uruk-Hai pike block trundling forward to support the one remaining troll. These pike blocks are impressive and can take a lot of abuse!

Elf archers supported by swordsmen. These guys are nasty! They hit hard and they move through restrictive terrain as if it weren't there.


  1. Looks good. At least you had fun. Besides, you always play fantasy. You ever seen your die rolls? Its fantasy if you ever roll well! :D


  2. Oh, that hurts. Unfortunately, it's true!