Friday, October 16, 2009

Carlist Wars: Volontarios de Aragon

Another Carlist Wars units finished! This time the Volontarios de Aragon, a light infantry unit of the Isabellino army. I had originally planned to paint these figures as a militia unit from Madrid but was caught out by my apparent lack of attention to research detail. As professed here, I had meant to use the very cool emerald green flag for the Madrid Militia produced by Adolfo Ramos (see it here). Fortunately, I learned soon enough that the figures did not match the flag so I needed to find another unit that matched the figures that had already had the basic equipment colours blocked in (and one for which I already had a flag).

Volontarios de Aragon (figures by Perry Miniatures and flag by Adolfo Ramos)

I decided upon a light infantry unit because the figures had epaulettes and fortuitously I had a flag for one such unit (the Volontarios de Aragon). I was somewhat of a shame that I was using greatcoated figures for this unit since their green trousers and tunics would look quite striking uncovered. I was pleasantly surprised, however to find that, after completing the unit, the contrast between the grey greatcoats and the green trousers made up a little for the loss of the green tunics. The yellow epaulettes and pom-poms also helped to make the unit more colourful. Besides, using greatcoated figures significantly cuts down on the painting time and could probably be considered more "historical."

Volontarios de Aragon (figures by Perry Miniatures and flag by Adolfo Ramos)

I've also added a photo of the army I've painted to date. It includes the following:

Grenaderos Provinciales de la Guardia (12)
Marines (12)
Volontarios de Aragon (12)
Regimento de la Princesa (12)
grenaderos (skirmish) (12)
cazadores (sirmish) (12)
artilleria (4 + 1 gun)
caballeria de linea (6)

Isabellino army

A few more units for this army then on to some Carlists to boost Vidal's army. Next up, some Isabellino light cavalry and French Foreign Legion. I'd also like to add some characters for the skirmish battlefield. Vidal has already purchased the Perry figure sets with priests and civilians but I may get some for myself as well. One can never have enough armed priests!


  1. Very nicely done indeed. What greens did yoou use for the trousers etc?

    Best wishes


  2. I prime my figures black and drybrush light grey and white over the entire figure (I call it "ghosting"). The first green is GW Dark Green Ink. Inks on the ghosting provide depth and shading and look not too bad if left at that (good for pumping out lots of line troops is you're in a hurry). This works with most of the GW inks. Unfortunatley, they've been discontinued( but not before I was able to pick up 20 or so various inks at the GW stores in my area). Over the green ink I put only one highlight, GW snot green. I could have added another highlight but I'm always trying to balance quality with quantity!


  3. Oh, and thanks again for the compliment! :)

  4. Voluntarios de Aragón (Aragon Volunteers), Isabelino, Regimiento (regiment) and granaderos (grenadiers). Aside from that, your Spanish spelling is good.

  5. That's great. Thanks for the corrections.