Monday, October 26, 2009

Cleaning out the boxes!

I've been cleaning out some boxes of hobby stuff and decided to put some items up for sale.

First out of the gate are some Renegade WWI French. There are 28 figures that include two officers, two NCOs and 24 riflemen. They are dressed in the early war red and blue. I'm offering these up here before I put them on eBay for anyone that's interested. If you're willing to shell out $140.00 CAD for these, we can definitely make a deal!

Second, is a smaller group of Renegade WWI Germans. There are eight riflemen in this group and two machine gun teams for a total of 12 figures. $60.00 CAD and these are yours!

I've already posted some 28mm Napoleonics on eBay:

8 x 28mm Old Glory Grenadiers a Cheval: eBay link here

8 x 28mm Old Glory Chasseurs a Cheval: eBay link here

8 x 28mm Old Glory 2nd (Dutch) Lancers: eBay link here

Contact me by email or leave a comment if you're interested. Those nearby can, of course, save the shipping fees. Otherwise, I'll ship at cost. I will also be at Fall In! in Gettysburg next week, if you'd like to pick them up there.

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