Thursday, November 12, 2009

54mm AWI at Fall In!

I've acquired some pics of the 54mm AWI game at Fall In! hosted by Bob and Matt Lehman of Ohio. Bob and Matt are great friends and good customers of Ken's ATKM figure lines. Bob is a painting and terrain-making machine, as can be seen in the photos below. His collection for this game contained 16 units per side, 11 of which on each side were formed infantry in 14-figure units (12 muskets + 2 command). That alone is over 300 painted 54mm figures! Add to that various artillery, skirmish, and cavalry units and you get a true extravaganza. The amazing thing is that Bob is already planning another, bigger game for Cold Wars 2010! Bob deservedly won a Best of Show award from HMGS-East for his efforts and the pictures below show why.

A view along the main British and American lines. The table was L-shaped and the Americans had a small force trying to turn the British flank (this can be seen in the top-right of this photo). The massive hill in the background is one solid terrain piece.

Continental Line facing the advance of British light dragoons.

American light dragoons preparing to cross the river. This unit would launch a furious charge in the first turn against a Hessian artillery battery. The guns were wiped out without firing a shot but the dragoons would be quickly shown the door as well.

The glorious dead! Oh, and this is where we put the lost figures as well....

The award winner front and center! L to R: Ken Cliffe (of ATKM), Bob Lehman (the master megalomaniac), Matt Lehman (sports fan extraordinaire).

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