Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall In! '09....second day

Ken and I have survived a second day of Fall In! Rumours abound of the kerfuffle that is HMGS-East Board of Directors and Historicon 2010. Apparently the world is about to end and Historicon in Baltimore is the cause. Keep your eyes open for the sky a-fallin' and a possible gaming sojourn in King of Prussia (that would be the place, not the person).

Some more photos from the dealer hall at Fall In! '09:

28mm Carlist Wars demo game using Perry Miniatures.

And again...

My coffee barrista with the morning delivery!

The traveling ATKM World Headquarters and Review!

More Perry Carlists.

British Auxiliary Legions rifles from the Carlists demo game.

Carlist infantry....

Off to enjoy some good-hearted camaraderie, beer, and cigars....not necessarily in that order!

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  1. Fantastic! Always good to see a Carlist game.