Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carlist Wars: British Auxiliary Legion

I have plans to add a few battalions of the British Auxiliary Legion to my 28mm Carlist Wars project but these are a fair distance down the priority list. Fortunately, my son Daniel was looking for a something to paint and decided to take a crack at the command figures. The results you can see below. I haven't finished the basing on these but couldn't wait to post the pics. I'd like to say that I taught him all he knows but he's far outstripped his teacher! Hopefully they'll give me some incentive to get going on the infantry, and maybe some lancers as well (as soon as I order them). You can see the lancers here on the Perry Miniatures site.

Mounted officer. A fine job on the shading of the horse colours.

Aide to the commander. Daniel's recreated a map with some nice detail.

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  1. Fantastic! Well done, Daniel! That map is superb. And I also really llike the red on the tunics. In fact it's all excellent!

    Best wishes