Thursday, February 18, 2010

French Foreign Legion

I trekked to the grand burg of Cambridge last evening, enjoying the hospitality of Schloss Bairos. We broke out the Carlist wars collection again and breezed through an easy game of Sharp Practice. We're becoming more adept at these rules and they are giving increasingly enjoyable games. As with many a game, there is a new unit fielded and this time around it was the French Foreign Legion. This was a unit incorporated into the Isabellino forces, much like the British Auxiliary Legion (with whom I plan to field this unit...once the Brits are painted).

First Carlist War French Foreign Legion.
Figures by BlazeAway Miniatures of Australia.

The flag on this unit is, unfortunately, an educated guess. There is no definitive evidence of a flag for the FFL in this period (1830s) but the British and the national militia had a flag similar to one I've opted to use. For a better discussion of the FFL flag, look here. The BlazeAway FFL are nice figures but with, as Vidal described them, a "doughy" appearance. They are slightly pudgier than the Perry figures but in lieu of those prodigious brothers' pending FFL release, they will do rather well I think. Eventually, the foreign brigade will consist of two units of British Legion, one of FFL, one small unit of British lancers, and a few riflemen. And I may add some of the very cool Perry Royal Marines with rockets! Vidal and I are both awaiting HotLead in Stratford where we'll be picking up our latest Perry Carlist Wars order from Terry at North Bay Games & Hobbies. We'll both be adding to the Carlist ranks.

Included below are few more shots of last night's game. Please excuse the non-Spanish buildings. I have yet to finish up my collection of buildings but you can see them in their raw state here.

Carlist infantry awaiting the Cristino attack.

Cristino infantry and artillery preparing to attack.

Looking along the Cristino lines.

Some of Vidal's very nice new Carlist command figures with flags by Adolfo Ramos.

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  1. Great stuff! I like the FFL - hadn't heard of those figures before. I think it may be a while before Perry Mins release their official FFL figures, so worth useing someone else's.

    Best wishes