Tuesday, May 4, 2010

End of an Era

More specifically, it's the end of a collection. I've just sold a large portion of my 28mm Napoleonic collection. The Austrian and Prussian armies have gone as whole lots and and the majority of my French army as well. I've kept two portions of the French army, however. The Wurttemburg contingent of four battalions and two batteries and two Westphalian cuirassier units are staying put. These I can use to contribute to any Napoleonic games at the club. Secondly, I kept some Front Rank commanders, artillerists, legere and Guard cavalry for possible use in Sharp Practice games. This will require some re-basing to single stands for the semi-skirmish genre but that is for the future. I've also kept my entire War of 1812 collection, which includes size-able British and American armies.

Unlike some gamers, I have no real issues with selling collections. The emotional attachment is relatively minimal and the transaction is mostly a cost-benefit analysis for me. I'm realistic enough to know that I'll never get back what a collection is actually worth so I take what I think is reasonable. I also take into account the buyer and his location, especially with large collections. I could probably get more for some collections if I sold them on eBay etc but the hassle of shipping is trumped by selling to a local buyer (which is the case with this sale). I'll take slightly less for the convenience of delivering the collection locally. In the case of these Napoleonics, I've had several years of enjoyment from them and its time to move on. Kinda' like girlfriends in high-school...meet, enjoy, move on!

So farewell to the Irish and Swiss regiments! We've had a merry time....


  1. Gah! That sort of renders my Russian army obsolete!

    If there was a decent set of plastic Russians on the market I'd sell my OG Russians and slowly rebuild them in the better quality plastics. Alas, no one has yet produced such a set.

  2. Shoot. Late for the sale and with no maney as usual...

  3. Are you quitting Nappys? What happened?