Thursday, May 13, 2010

something completely different

From the long forgotten ashes of an abandoned project rises the Phoenix of 1940! As many know, some years ago I had built up a respectable 28mm WWII collection (upwards of 400 figures, 50 vehicles, and countless terrain pieces). You can see some photos of it scattered about here. After having fought a crap-load of games with this collection, I did what seems to be a pattern for me: I sold it all! OK, not quite all of it. Just before I decided to part ways with the collection, Daniel and I had begun the sub-project of 1940 France. We hadn't moved much further than assembling a few vehicles and guns and purchasing a platoon's worth of French from Crusader. Rather than move them out the door with the rest of the collection, I decided to keep these for some future incentive. That incentive seems to have been long in coming (5 years?). Recently, Vidal and I have been trying out a few WWII rule sets with his 15mm and 20mm collections. We seem finally to have hit on one that we both like, Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers (quite the mouthful) by Iron Ivan Games. So, as I've been waiting (impatiently) for my Perry Carlist Wars figures to arrive, I pulled out a squad of Frenchies and started working on them. The results are below, along with some shots of the previously started 1940 collection.

A platoon of 1940 French infantry, minus a rifle grenadier (Crusader Miniatures) and backed up by a Somua 35 (Army Group North Miniatures).

A closer shot of the Crusader French. As with the last batch of Carlist figures, I used the Army Painter matt sealer and it leaves a noticeable sheen that I'm not happy with.

Platoon sergeant, front and center.

The French 1940 uniform is really quite drab (but aren't most WWII uniforms?). Makes them easier to paint though.

AGNM French Panhard armoured cars. These show my first attempts at airbrushed camouflage.

AGNM French R-35s. Daniel decided to paint these in the unusual but not unknown blue-grey colour scheme to take a break from the camo schemes on his other French tanks (below).

Brigade Games French FT-17s. Daniel has done a great job on the tri-colour French camouflage on these WWI-era tanks.

A closer shot of the S-35 from AGNM and painted by Daniel.

German 75mm infantry gun. AGNM gun with Bolt Action crew.

German 37mm anti-tank gun. AGNM gun with Bolt Action crew.

German Sd222 armoured cars. AGNM models.

German light tank platoon with one command Pz IIf and three Pz Ib tanks.

All in all a good little start to the project. I have two more squads, a platoon command and some support weapons for the French infantry and some vehicles for the Germans. Now if I could just get Vidal to paint some Germans!


  1. I think you mixed up the turrets on my FT17s

  2. We occassionally do 1940 scenarios in 15mm using I Ain't Been Shot, Mum, it's a lot of fun. So far I've found the best way to deal with a Char B or S35 is a Stuka.
    I've yet to blood my PzIs though.

  3. I just aquired some Warlord Games WW2 French in 28mm (very nice), I'll be using your pics as a painting guide as it seems I don't have anything adequate around the house.