Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raycon 2010

Saturday and Sunday last, aside from attending Torcan, the IPMS model show in Toronto, I trekked north with Vidal to Southampton on the shores of Lake Huron for Raycon 2010. Raycon is small private annual gaming weekend held at a cottage owned by Ray Martin, world-renowned journalist and philanthropist. I've been unable to attend the last couple of Raycons so Vidal and I were eager to get away for the weekend and bask in the glory of our hobby. We arrived on Saturday to a steak dinner being prepared and we quickly settled into the meal and the attendant wine. The evening was spent spinning the usual hobby yarns and imbibing.

Saturday's sunset over the lake. What a great setting for a gaming weekend! Cigars and wine anyone?

Sunday morning we set up the tables outside on the lawn and I broke out my Carlist War collection. With the soft breeze wafting off the lake, we played a spirited game of Sharp Practice in the sunshine. As you can see from the photos of the game below, the colours really "pop" in the natural light.

A general view of the table. We had a small village in the center of the table defended by a Carlist force intent on getting their booty away from the attacking Cristinos. They had loaded the valuables from the church in three ox carts (in front of the church in the center of the photo) and were trying to get them off-table.

Cristino line cavalry prepare for a charge (which was ultimately unsuccessful).

Cristino light cavalry penetrate into the town after massacring a Carlist infantry detachment blocking the road. This was the decisive action of the day!

Another shot of the Cristino light cavalry backed up by British rifles near the bridge.

Carlist infantry awaiting the Cristino assault on the town.

Carlist skirmishers use the high ground to snipe at Cristino cavalry that have approached too closely.

Aragon battalion defending a stone wall. It was this unit that was crushed by the Cristino light cavalry (the green-coated unit in the photos above). The round of Fisticuffs that resulted from the charge of the cavalry saw a record 35 dice rolled by the cavalry commander (and with only six component figures!).

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  1. excellent!, especially those pics with natural shadow are.