Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Gaming

I was able to play two games this weekend at MIGS. First up on Friday was an opportunity to put out my entire Carlist War collection. There wasn't much to the scenario, beyond wresting control of a small village from a force of outnumbered Carlists. Thanks to Alex, Steve and AJ for an enjoyable game! Some random pictures below (from Steve's camera!):

Tortosa infantry await the assault of the French and British legions.

Aragon infantry on the other side of the village, also waiting to be attacked.

A force of Cristino infantry and artillery approach the village: Marines (blue uniforms) in the foreground with a guard unit beside them.

Carlist cavalry in reserve.

The British Auxiliary Legion deploys to attack the village with the French Foreign Legion backing them up.

Second up, on Sunday, was the first test of my 1940 French force using Disposable Heroes rules, accompanied by Steve and John (thx guys!). We had scrounged together some German infantry from around the club to to go with my German armour and face the French. An understrength French platoon with one R-35 in support was tasked with blunting a German attempt to take an important crossroad. The Germans attacked with a full-strength platoon and some light armour in support. Unfortunately (for the Germans at least), the French were more than a match for the Germans.

German infantry and smoking armoured car in the foreground. The French hold the village at the centre of the photo. The R-35 that hit the ill-fated armoured car sits behind a hedge just to the left of the village. The roof of the stone building has been removed to access the stubborn French defenders within.

The view from the other side. German infantry approach the village from the left. A German Pak 36 anti-tank gun has deployed in the woods on the left and is drawing a bead on the French tank on the opposite side of the village (and ultimately missed its mark!).

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