Monday, October 18, 2010

WWII Buildings

I don't usually make two posts back-to-back but I thought that since I had the camera out, I'd snap a pic of my next terrain project. While rooting around in some of my boxes at the club, I pleased to find some O-scale railroad buildings (yes it was aYule-like surprise there too!). I had bought these many years ago with the intention of adding them to my former WWII terrain collection. These are the perfect scale for 28mm skirmish gaming and will allow us to get out of the countryside and into some more urban-like game settings. The non-red and white buildings are all modular, meaning that the floors are interchangeable. They will need to be roughed up a bit and the signs changed (probably to French, given the 1940 focus of my collection). I'd also like to experiment with making them bomb-damaged. The red and white garage on top is an O-scale snap-together kit that will serve well in my French town. Anyone know where to get in-scale garage fuel pumps of the period?

I'll try and post in-progress photos of this project. Stay tuned....


  1. check any B&M or online retailer that carries Bachmann/Plasticville kits. I think plasticville collection has a 50's-era gas station and usually the kits are around $20 cdn. Dundas Valley Hobby is the only place i know of that carries the stuff locally(that i know of anyway).

    I'm sure other companies might have similar kits but they are less commonly found. A few uears ago Bachmann re-released the o-scale Plasticville kits and flooded the market, driving the prices down andmaking them probably the most readily abundant o-scale kits on hte market.

    (my dad is a collector of original plasticville kits)

  2. Good idea. I'll have to check out the model railroad shops in Toronto. Thx!