Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artillery and Grenadiers

January and February have seen productive days at my painting desk, most likely because I'm trying to get as much finished as possible before starting my new job on Monday. I've been puttering away at my new ImagiNation project and you can see the net result below. Regiment Roquefort has been increased to five groups of eight figures each for a total of 40 figures (plus 8 command figures). I have also added this week the two 4lb battalion guns and crews and eight grenadier figures. Originally, the sixth group (or division) for Regiment Roquefort was to be made up of grenadiers but plans have changed. Crusader has no grenadier figures to even remotely match the "French with unfastened coats" I'm using for the musketeers. I had purchased eight Austrian grenadiers with bearskins and turnbacks with the idea of using them as the grenadier division of the regiment (note: these are small "d" divisions, tactical sub-groups of a battalion). Unfortunately, once I had them in my hands I realized how much different they would look beside the musketeers and decided instead to finish the regiment off with a sixth division of musketeers (currently on order). 
What then to do with the grenadiers? My original plan was for the army of Gourmandie to have grenadier battalions made up of the combined divisions from the line regiments. Because the plan has changed, Gourmandie will have permanent grenadier battalions and I painted the first eight figures to represent the Grenadiers de Camembert.


Two battalions of Regiment Roquefort, two battalion guns,
All figures from Crusader and flags by GMB.

Grenadiers de Camembert, 1er Division.

Artillerie de Regiment Roquefort. 
Each of the two battalions of the regiment will field one of these guns to bolster its firepower. Winging their way from Front Rank are limbers and ammunition caissons to accompany these.

As is my wont with new projects, I have already begun planning an opposing army for Gourmandie. These will take the shape of Das Kaiserreich (The Empire), a loosely organized group of independent Germanic principalities and duchies, based vaguely on the Holy Roman Empire. I have ordered some infantry and cavalry to start this ImagiNation and hope in the next few months to host a game or two with the opposing armies.

Up next, more Grenadiers a Cheval Boursin...


  1. Nice! Love the loud and larry uniforms!
    Congrats on the new job!

  2. Very nice - there looks just about enough for a good Sharp Practice game.