Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raycon 2011

Damn, I see it's been almost two months since my last post (not counting Daniel's last hi-jack post, of course). It's not that I've been completely hobby-idle even though I've painted very little. I was able to finish up the last few details of my Imagination Régiment d'Infanterie Roquefort, adding a grenadier division and artillery limbers (see photos below). After that, work and life got in the way and my painting production came to a crashing halt. Gaming has also fallen off but I was able to make it to Raycon 2011 a couple of weeks ago. This is an annual gathering of friends hosted by Ray Martin at his cottage near Southampton (Ontario...not the UK version) for steaks, beer, wine...oh, and gaming. I was lucky to have both my sons join us this year, along with another cadet from Royal Military College. Michael, Daniel and Phil comported themselves within the traditions of a national military academic institution...yes, they drank, swore and generally acted like soldiers on leave (without the whoring, I might add). Vidal and I, older and wiser patrons of the hobby, were models of gentlemanly behaviour...I'm sure of it. The first day of Raycon was wet and miserable but we rigged up a tarp and set the tables up outside, as is the tradition. You can see some pics of us braving the Lake Huron spring weather below.

The forces of Gourmandie to date.

The grenadier division of Régiment d'Infanterie Roquefort, with their distinctive red hat lace (Crusader Miniatures).
The two battalion guns of Régiment d'Infanterie Roquefort (Crusader Miniatures), with limbers and ammunition wagons (Front Rank).

 The outside set-up at Raycon 2011. It was a miserably cold day but we braved the weather for Daniel's fabulous WWI game.

Some random shots of Daniel's board and the game.

Vidal and Daniel pondering.

 French infantry nervously await the German assault. They were gassed from their trenches before the wave of German grenadiers hit them. The French are the product of Phil's brush...his contribution to Daniel's megalomania.

Some additions for my 1:2400 WWI project, awaiting paint. Russian cruisers and battleships (GHQ).