Monday, August 1, 2011

Mid-summer Update

So it seems this has become a monthly blog. Besides my normal lament that work seems to get fully in the way of my hobby, I seem also to have settled into a lengthy hobby ennui, at least in terms of painting. Not much to report there except a couple of experiments with the dip method. First, I tried out the method on a few Old Glory 28mm WWI Yanks and was quite pleased with the result. I had bought one pack of these figures with this experiment in mind. You can see the result below. Those with a keen eye (and who can see past the horrible photography) will notice that the green of the uniforms is a little too light and bright but this was a deliberate choice. I've always felt that the look of the figures at three feet is more important than at six inches (but that is, of course, just a personal opinion). Thus my choice to use a lighter green than was historically used. It provides a better representation at distance and also serves to give a better uniform to equipment contrast in this oh-so-drab period. I liked the result well enough that on my trip to Historicon last month, I picked up enough figures to finish an entire Yank platoon.

Old Glory 28mm Yanks. 
Not my favourite sculpts but the price point is attractive and they have a certain charm of their own.

My second experiment was aimed at my ImagiNation project. Given the slow pace of painting lately, I was looking to pick up the speed on this project as well. I chose some Crusader Miniatures SYW Austrian light infantry that would make up les Chasseurs de Chevrotin in the the army of Gourmandie. Originally slated for green uniforms, I had a slight change of thought and bought sky blue primer for the experiment. After the prime coat, I blocked in the other colours then proceeded to dip. After the dip had dried and before I applied DullCote, I highlighted flesh and red trim. I think the result as seen below is quite good. If I were to notice anything with my failing eyes it would be that the blue perhaps needs a highlight. However, the speed of production far outweighs any slight reservations about results.

Chasseur de Chevrotin. 28mm Crusader Miniatures. 
This regiment will eventually comprise two divisions of eight figures each, plus various command figures.

Besides these experiments with the dip method, I have played a few games, pictures of which can be seen below with short comments. Vidal and I also played a delightful game last week, of which I have no photographic evidence (probably a good thing since he once again gave me a good whuppin'). This was a Carlist Wars clash using ATKM rules and took place in my new permanent gaming room. We've been in our current house for four years and it's only been in the last month that I've taken the steps to get this room together (now that's just not proper commitment to the hobby, wot?).

The new permanent game room, shared with a 12-year old girl's botanical creations.

A couple shots of a WWI game played in Kingston recently with Daniel's superb game boards, 28mm figures and tanks!

A new addition to Daniel's WWI collection, one of two German tank kits found in the Flea Market at Historicon this year, with Daniel's usual fine brushwork. An almost completely useless vehicle but it will look damned sweet on the table!


  1. Nice stuff.

    I Just got my Köztársaság Pandour regiment, and the rest of my Grenadiers and Cuirassier. Just need to get them painted. Easier sad then done since I've been in a spectacular painting funk for the last 2 months. I've only painted 16 infantry and 3 tanks in that time!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Yanks and my French have a go at Dan's Huns.