Friday, November 11, 2011

New things and a gift!

Not to belabour the point but it seems this has become a monthly posting exercise. And as before, I've not been idle even though my gaming has been sparse. The ImagiNation project continues apace with the addition of several new units. At Council Fires (about which a post will follow soon), I contracted some painting out as an experiment to a local painter. I've heard good reviews of his work but I'll reserve naming him until I receive the first commission (don't wanna recommend someone without first seeing his work) and I check with him to be sure it's OK. Currently he's working on the first unit of Das Kaiserreich, Regiment der Grenadiere Oettinger, modeled on Prussian grenadiers with the very nice pointy caps!

Meanwhile, I've managed to finish up a couple of units and come closer to finishing the (first stage of) the forces of Gourmandie. You can see the photos below with some explanations but perhaps the most interesting development in the Grand Duchy of Gourmandie has been the raising of a new unit by the Grand Duke himself, Le Garde de Gourmandie (painted and gifted to me by my good friend Bob Lehman from Ohio). This is a small infantry unit recruited from the landed gentry, and sons of wealthy land-owners and businessmen. Not intended as merely a ceremonial unit, Le Garde has already been fielded once with the army of Le Marquis de Fromage, standing up well for its first time under fire.
 Le Garde de Gourmandie.
Crusader Miniatures, painted by Bob Lehman (and gifted to yours truly with much thanks!)

 Les Chasseurs de Chevrotin.
Crusader Miniatures, two divisions of chasseurs with command party in the center. These were painted with the dip method, which has not quite captured my imagination yet. I haven't given up on the technique for horse & musket armies yet. These figures took longer than they should have, I suspect because I was playing around with the technique. Once I discover the sequence that works for me, I believe it will shave my painting time significantly (without sacrificing quality).

Chef de Battlaion Henri LeSanglier, Chevalier de Merlot, accompanied by Capitaine Phillipe Dangereux, Seigneur de Chapeau Rouge and musician.

Les Grenadiers de Camembert.
Crusader Miniatures, three divisions of grenadiers with command party and led by Colonel Jean-Jacques LaPierre, Comte de Champagne (Front Rank figure). I didn't think I'd ever finish the last division of this battalion but I drove my way through them. Each of the three divisions has a different facing colour (red/buff/blue).

Le Comte de Champagne. 
Behind him you can see the last division of the battalion finished with blue facings.