Monday, May 6, 2013

Campaigning in my ImagiNation

So, after my excursion to Kingston on the weekend and my highly enjoyable ImagiNation game with Phil & Michael, I've come home re-energized about the hobby (we'll see how long that lasts). Over the last couple of years, Phil and I have pitted our growing ImagiNation armies against one another several times, often with help from others. We've sort of kept track of our armies, but not really seriously. I've proposed to Phil that we start a Maurice campaign and follow its progress here, from army creation to final victory. Again, we'll see how it goes but it promises to be fun.

My first order of business was to create a spreadsheet to calculate possible initial army creations. Not so onerous a task as one might think, since I do this for a living. Maurice recommends using 100 points to spend on unit creation and army characteristics. I think we'll follow that recommendation to start. There are of course options to build on your basic army, but that would also require the painting of more figures. Hmmmmm, not so easy.

And rather than bog down the blog with detailed descriptions of the rule mechanisms, I think the better approach would be to go forward in an anecdotal and descriptive fashion. But to each his own, since Phil is now a contributing author on the blog. Of course Michael is too, but he has no army. But I have a few ideas to get him in the campaign as well, despite that rather significant shortcoming. But more of that anon...

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  1. Very, very promising!
    A campaign does has room for a neutral third party, the role Tony Bath played in his 'Hyboria' campaign; specially if you throw in a little 'role playing' (spying, attempts of corruption or sabotage...).
    Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the unfolding of event.