Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maurice campaign tracking spreadsheet

For those interested in these sorts of things, I have updated and (hopefully) improved the Maurice campaign tracking spreadsheet (cuz I seem to have that kinda time). You can see some snapshots below. I have added much to the sheets so that army creation, purchasing units during the campaign, and spending EPs are included. The sheet now tracks EPs gained and spent for each army.
A look at the Overview Page that tracks all of the stats from the other worksheets. Army Creation Point Allowance and Winning Epic Point Total are editable according to campaign requirements and drive the formulae thorught out the workbook.
One of the Army worksheets, in this case for my army, Le Grand-Duche de Gourmandie. Army Creation Points, Epic Points, National Advantage purchases, and unit purchases are tracked here in detail. As well, on the bottom right, the Principal Arm ratio is calculated.
The Battles worksheet where details of battles are recoded. Epic Points earned here are reflected on the other worksheets.
If anyone would like a copy of the excel workbook, drop a comment below and we'll make arrangements.


  1. Dave I would love a copy. Thanks very much for the offer. You can send it to millsy_at_exemail_dot_com_dot_au after doing a replace for the "_at_" and the "_dot_" with the appropriate characters. Cheers mate!