Thursday, May 30, 2013

RayCon 2013

Many ImagiNation battles were fought last weekend.  Dave, Mike and myself each played a game against one another in the first campaigning season of our Succession War (the campaign system used in the Maurice ruleset).  In the end, all the games were thrilling and were absolute bloodbaths, shocking the other attendees of the gaming weekend with the sheer amount of figures being removed from the table.

The first season ended with the Ducato di Libagioni on top, followed by Le Grande-Duche de Gourmandie and then the Ejercito Revolucionaria Populista (AKA ERP).

To start things off, some pictures previously seen on the "Building 6mm Terrain in under 72 hours".  The game was quite fun, and ended with a victory for the noble capitalist pig-dogs.

Next was a great looking 20mm winter terrain game.  Winter gaming is something that you don't usually see all that much, and I hate to say it, most of the time, the terrain looks... ugly.  This, on the other hand, blew me away and I may be stealing quite a few ideas from Gord, the crazed owner of this project.  20mm to me might be a bit of a weird scale, but the oldschool wargamer within my young mind / body is trying to break free and start collecting this scale (no worries, I am a true believer in God's scale, 28mm.  GOD WILLS IT!)

An example of a conversion I am stealing in a heartbeat from Gord.  Trying to find a church in correct scale to go along with the rest of my Pegasus game "village" is a pain in the rear, so why not just make your own?

And now for some pictures from the first of many ImagiNation games of the weekend.  Using the correct scouting rolls and terrain placement yielded to even less terrain then normal.  I guess Dave and I used a bit too much terrain in the last few games we played.

Thank's for the read!  Watch for a future post from myself with some new goodies!

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