Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ridgeway and Fort Erie

I spent a lovely (but windy and cool) Sunday afternoon at Ridgeway in the Niagara Peninsula with a patient and understanding friend (thanks Merita!). Our original intention was to go on a walking tour of the battlefield at Ridgeway (of Fenian Raids vintage) by author Peter Vronsky then attend a book-signing at a local bookshop for his new(ish) book.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that a memorial service had been prepared to honour the nine who died at the Battle of Ridgeway in 1866. We opted out of the walking tour of the battlefield because of the high winds and chilly temperatures. No matter, since we drove a few kilometers down the road and stopped at Fort Erie. With no real intention of going through the fort (I've done it a number of times), the new visitors' center made us change our minds. You can see the pics below of our adventures during the day.

The memorial cairn that sits on the edge of the battlefield. Queen's Own Rifles and the 13th Battalion of militia stand guard.

The 13th Battalion drill team and honour guard.
18lb cannon at Fort Erie. This is a new redoubt built outside the fort to simulate the American entrenchments during the siege of the fort. They've made some major changes to the site, including the visitor center and the redoubts.

Our guide for the afternoon, explaining the nuances of mortars.

And my favourite find of the day, Congreve rocket platforms. These are excellently recreated examples and apparently they fire them off occasionally (unfortunately, we didn't get to see that).

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  1. yeah, the new welcome centre is pretty nice, and so are the fortifications around the fort. they are especially fun to skirmish(reenact) in. did that back at the end of march.