Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Guns!!

A quick post to show the heavy artillery battery in progress for my ImagiNation collection. These are Sash & Saber French Napoleonic guns, repurposed for the 18th century. The heavy ammunition wagon and the limbers are all Front Rank. The photo is missing the four limber horses and the twelve gunners. It'll be massive!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First taste of CoC!

Vidal hosted a game last weekend so I could get my first taste of CoC (Chain of Command), Too Fat Lardies' new WWII skirmish rules. As many of the online reviews have shown, CoC is a fine representation of platoon-level gaming. Historical tactics are rewarded but the outstanding feature, to my mind, is the Patrol Phase at the beginning of the game, wherein your scouting forces determine the initial setup areas (or Jump-off Points). This in itself is a small game, fascinating and challenging. In fact, it will take some practice to become competent with this aspect of the game. This is a part of most skirmish games that is absent or lacking.

Despite a few mistakes we made with the rules (and my tactics, for my part), we had a smooth-flowing and enjoyable game. Start to finish was about three hours...not so bad considering it was our first time at it.  And it was clear from our one close tabletop encounter, the close combat phase can be devastating, if not thought out and executed carefully.

An overview of the table, featuring Vidal's new Miniature Building Authority additions.

Another shot showing Vidal's (also new) Battlefront roads (ostensibly meant for 15mm gaming but quite suitable for the28s as well). 

One of my German rifle sections working its way along a small hedgerow (Crusader figures...very nice indeed). 

I couldn't resist after the game was over to throw some of my German vehicles on the road. These are Army Group North trucks and a Company B command car.