Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another bout of ImagiNation

Michael and I had a recent bash of ImagiNation in below. Michael used Phil's Duchy of Libations to eventually defeat my Gourmandie force but not until we had almost completely finished three Maurice decks. 

Gourmandie infantry assault Phil's guns, including his very sexy heavy mortar. 

Duchy of Libations infantry hold a stalwart defensive line. 

The Gourmandie right wing with grenadiers leading a cavalry force. This was a failed attempt to replicate a common 18th century deployment of grenadiers and cavalry mixed together. Unfortunately, they didn't scout the terrain ahead and ran into a patch of rough ground that effectively stopped their advance long enough for the wine sots to compensate. 

The main Gourmandie infantry line tries to squeeze through a gap between two copses. Thank goodness for the Oblique March card!

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