Sunday, November 3, 2013

Royal Military College museum

During the years Michael and Daniel both attended RMC (and, of course, both their significant others), I visited the campus many times. On a few occasions I tried to get into the campus museum but was rebuffed by a locked door.  Housed in a 19th century Martello Tower as part of Fort Frederick (which is itself now part of the RMC campus), the museum at the very least presented an interesting facade. But the facade was all I was able to see until recently. A visit to Kingston allowed Michael's fiancĂ©e Melissa, who curates at the museum, to provide us with a personal tour. We were not disappointed but I failed to take many pictures. Those I did you can see below but they are confined to the cannon in the top of the tower (which itself boasts a unique roof that could be dismantled/removed quickly to allow unfettered fields of fire over Kingston harbour environs for the rotating cannon). 

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