Monday, December 9, 2013

Being stuck in a rut

Phil Wright - I won't lie, it has been a very, very long time since I painted anything meaningful (My first section of Early War Poles to be exact back during the summer months).

I've always liked to compare my painting habits to that of a Russian hockey player in the NHL.  For the most part, they can either be fantastic, or just downright lazy and terrible.

The mercurial nature of my painting habits is nothing new, everyone knows that I will go on a mad painting/sculpting spree that normally lasts three weeks to a month and a half, then nothing for the next 6+ months.

It's a rather frustrating problem to have as the lead slowly piles up over the time in which I don't paint, leaving me with "projects" that I rediscover years after buying them and leaving me to scratch my head wondering when exactly I procured the models. (Malifaux, Infinity and Bushido just to name a few)

So, I ask you, the wonderful readership of this blog, how do you personally find the motivation to paint on a regular basis, or are yourselves afflicted as well by the "Russian hockey player" syndrome?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

28mm Boer War test figures

Hello everyone. I recently received two packs of Old Glory 28mm Boer War figures in the mail in order to test the waters for a potential future project. I painted a couple Brits and Boers last night as a proof-of-concept. Here are the results:

I am fairly happy with the results. It will be a fairly drab project, so I'll be searching for any excuse to add some colour. For example the cockade on the first Boer's hat, this I sculpted on with some "green stuff" and painted in the national colours of the Transvaal Republic (Green-Red-White-Blue). For the Brits, the only mark of colour is on the regimental "flash" on the left side of the helmet, made from the epaulets of old scarlet tunics.

The plan for this project is to group the Brits into 10 figure "companies", 3 of these making a "battalion". I'm still not quite sure on the scale of the project yet so companies/battalions are just a rough idea. The Boers will be grouped into 5 figures units, several of these grouped together to make a "commando".

I am still not sure on the rules to be used yet, but I hope that Too Fat Lardies gets around to publishing their set of Boer War rules. I believe I will stick with Old Glory figures as the range is affordable, comprehensive, and the sculpts are decent.

Anyways, that is all for me. Until next time...