Saturday, February 1, 2014

1940 Brits...finally

Finally finished up the basing on my first section of Brits for 1940. The painting on these was complete before Xmas but only in the last few days have I gotten around to finishing the bases. These are Crusader figures, the chosen manufacturer for my WWII collection. These were incredibly easy to paint. I started with an Army Painter primer (Desert Sand?), block painted the details, then used the Army Painter strong tone dip. Finally, I dull-coated them. No high-lighting or shading. I wanted to find a way to pump these figures out as fast as possible with decent result. They won't win any painting competitions but for gaming at three-foot distance, I think they're more than adequate.
The Matilda behind is an old AGNM model (maybe even from the original casting run when Vince first started his business) modified and painted by Michael as a past Xmas present. I particularly like the way he added the signal flags for the commander.
So now, only three more rifle sections, a command group, and support units.
Oh, and the fallschirmjager platoon...can't forget them :)

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  1. They look splendid, I like the painting scheme and the dual basing!

    Kind regards