Saturday, February 15, 2014

ImagiNation additions

I recently acquired Phil's ImagiNation collection and I've included a couple of quick shots below. I'm trying to decide whether to keep the unit and principality names that Phil's fevered imagination conjured up...or conscript these into Das KasierReich. Hmmm, third world problems...

These are all Crusader figures (again, my chosen manufacturer for the entire collection...well, except for a few front Rank figs). Phil's done a particularly good job on the mortar (I'm not this a Eureka model?).

Currently there are three battalions of infantry (recently flagged up), a unit of jagers, a squadron of cavalry, two light guns and a mortar. The cavalry arm definitely needs to be bolstered. Luckily, I have in my lead pile two squadrons of hussars and two of Bosniak lancers which will serve this army well. I think there army also be some more infantry battalions floating around in the unpainted box as well.


  1. The mortar is Mutineer Miniatures and is from their Indian Mutiny range. Only a century or so from the future ;)

  2. A great acquisition! Looking forward to see them in action.

  3. is phil getting out of the Imaginations?

    I'm finally getting my polish imagination off the ground. just need cavalry, lots and lots of cavalry!

  4. Yup, Phil has abandoned the world of ImagiNations. No worries though. He still gets to play with his children.