Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kansu Braves

Many of the Imperial Chinese troops in and around Peking during the Boxer Rebellion were from units of Yung, or Brave Ones, form Kansu Province in western China. These were recently raised units and many had not yet been issued the blue Imperial uniform trimmed with yellow lace. These figures are from Old Glory and were actually an accidental purchase. With my initial OG order for this project, I thought I had ordered the Imperial Chinese infantry mentioned above. Oh, well, these make a fine starting point for the Boxer /Chinese forces. And I just realized I forgot to add the Chinese characters to their blouses...tunics...shirts...whatever. I think I'll be able to add these on with a fine-tipped architectural pen. 

I ordered the flag from The Virtual Armchair General as part of a much larger sheet collection. While the designs are quite good, the printing is sub-par, especially for the 21st century. But there is little else available. The flag for the next unit of Boxers was of similar quality so I touched it up with paint to add a little more depth and texture. The one pictured below was not touched up but the matte spray seemed to give the colours a bit more depth. Short of designing my own flags and having them printed out, these will have to do. What I may do though is scan the sheets and edit the colours avec M. Computer.

I haven't yet decided on the coloring scheme for the base sculpting. My initial thought was to make a slight step away from my tried and true method to date. Well actually, the method will stay the same but the colouring will be altered, I think. Perhaps a bit more reddish brown than my traditional dark brown. Why? Why not?

Next in the queue are some Righteous Harmonious Fists. Then come the Russkies!

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