Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Legation compound grows

Some quick progress shots below of the Boxer rebellion legation. I have built two small Chinese-style buildings to populate the compound. The compound is not modelled on any particular legation in Peking at the time but is designed to be rather generic. In fact, I plan to have a removable flag pole (on the roof?) that can be swapped out, depending on the scenario.

A small Chinese building made from foam core and various other materials. The roof is made from some plastic tile sheeting from my bits box. Of course, it will all be base-coated black and dry-brushed up with various colours). I realize the style of tiling is not strictly correct but I think it gives an adequate impression. The curved roof was a great pain to get right. I had planned to have the roof removable but as I was progressing, it became increasingly clear that that wouldn't be possible without some more serious designing thought  (maybe for future attempts). The good news is that over the years I've found that even though I spend much time making building interiors accessible, their use is limited and rare.

A slightly larger Chinese building, created in the same fashion. It was originally meant to be a stables (or mews, depending on your level of picky-ness) but as with most of my building projects, the plan changed a number of times mid-construction.

A shot of the legation building with the new Chinese buildings. The entire complex will be surrounded with a high wall and main gate to the front. One or two smaller gates will probably also be added at the rear. The tiled courtyard and lion statue were just added for effect (although I may keep the lion).

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