Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boxer command and Chinese Imperial troops

I took a break from terrain for the Boxer Rebellion project and turned back to some waiting figures. First up are some Pulp Figures from Bob Murch's Yangzee Gangs of China Station. These are exceptional figures. Online order to delivery in my mailbox took only seven days, and Bob even threw in a couple of extras as well.

Two command stands for the Boxer forces. The standard bearers come with separate weapons but I chose to use them as shown instead. Don't ask about the Chinese characters on the tunics (they could very well say something quite rude). Pulp Figures with enhanced TVAG flags.
Chinese Imperial troops, some of whom fought with and against the European forces, depending on the context. Again, no need to interpret the characters on their tunics. These white "patches" were meant to show the unit and/or commander names. Old Glory figures with TVAG flag.
A few of the Pulp Figures purchases made their way to La Belle Province for Daniel to work his magic upon. Again these are from Bob Murch's Yangzee Gangs of China Station. I asked Daniel to use his imagination with the colour palette and he didn't disappoint.

The evil Dr Fang!
Daniel has experimented with the skin tone and it should be remembered that these figures are painted with the three-foot rule in mind, meaning that they are meant to be viewed on the gaming table, not in the display cabinet. Having said that, they are spectacular paint jobs!

Master Woo-Tang.
I'm not sure where or how this figure will fit into the Boxer forces but I couldn't resist have Daniel paint him up. I particularly like the green robe.

Next up, I may go back to my ImagiNation armies and finish up my Gourmandie heavy artillery battery (see it in progress here). I will probably be heading out to game some ImagiNation with Martin & Steve in a couple of weeks. Nothing like a deadline to provide incentive. I was able to pop out to Martin's in Grimsby this past weekend for a game of Chain of Command. See Steve's blog post here.

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