Friday, August 8, 2014

Projects Review...and something new

I've recently put my house up for sale and unfortunately this means packing up most of my gaming paraphernalia to prepare for house showings. My desk is the cleanest it's been in living memory.

While my painting and building has been put on hold during the selling & moving process, I haven't been completely idle. While visiting Michael lately in Kingston, we decided on a new mutual project. This was fueled by his new posting to CFB Trenton at the end of August. This will be a four year posting and Trenton is one hour closer to Toronto. Making the trip more frequently for a day's gaming becomes much more feasible. Thus a new project is born for us both to work on. We both have our preferences in gaming. Michael likes the smaller scales and has extensive collections of modern and WWII micro-armour and buckets and buckets of spaceships (see his blog here, though sadly neglected). My preferences generally veer toward horse & musket...but in the larger 28mm field. So a compromise. Napoleonics in 6mm...yes, you read that correctly. I've ordered some Baccus 6mm Napoleonic samples and the package arrived yesterday. Damn! They're small! Painting is definitely going to be a challenge. The last time I painted 6mm armies was for an aborted ECW project with Heroics & Ros figures back in the 80s.

While waiting for these samples to arrive, I started to take a tally of my existing projects. I thought I had downsized over the last few years but apparently I was much mistaken.

28mm Carlist Wars: I have two reasonably sized (and completed) armies of Perry figures. To these I plan to add dribs and drabs as the whims take hold.

28mm WWII: I have completed 1940 German Wermacht and 1940 French platoons (with a multitude of supports and vehicles). In progress are a platoon of 1940 Brits (with some vehicles) and a platoon of 1940 Fallschirmjagers.

28mm ImagiNation: One fairly large army of the Grand Ducy of Gourmandie almost (90%) completed, a Kaiserreich army just begun, and a small army recently purchased from Phil. Of the last I'm not sure of the plans to incorporate into my two armies or keep it as a third distinct entity.

28mm Boxer Rebellion: This project is fully underway (except for the current enforced pause) with tons of figs (many already painted) and terrain currently under construction. I'm not in a hurry to move forward with this project. It's a fun initiative and I'm enjoying taking my time with it.

1:2400 WWI Naval: I have two fully realized fleets (British & German) which are fun to play with occasionally. This is another completed project to which I can add little bits as the interest ebbs and wanes.

1:2400 ImagiNation naval: This is a little used collection (about 20 ships) originally meant to be for Napoelonic naval gaming but converted to be used for ImagiNation campaigning. The ships for each force (Gourmandie & KaiserReich) have sister infantry and cavalry regiments.

28mm Wild West: While not strictly mine (really they're Daniel's), they have resided in my house long enough for the possession is nine tenths of the law rule to take effect.We have a substantial western town to play in, along with a number of gangs, townspeople, Indians and US cavalry (oh, and the stagecoach...can't forget about the stagecoach).

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah...6mm Napoleonics!


  1. Nice painting area!
    Although it sounds like most of the projects listed are essentially complete, so that's not bad.

  2. James, are any projects truly finished?