Friday, September 12, 2014

CoC 1940 Campaign: German platoon ready to go

I've finished creating my German platoon for the campaign...

The platoon is headed by the very capable Luetnant Micahel von Schoenenfeld, a true German aristocrat. His family were ennobled back before the Old Fritz came along. After the humiliation of Weimar, he has returned to the colours to continue the family tradition of service to the Fatherland. Over promoted Austrian Corporals do not impress him when his name is preceded by the knightly “von”.
He is ably backed up by Feldwebel Joef Grabner, a rural farm boy who left the Hitler Jugend and joined the Army. He is a model citizen of the new Germany.


  1. That is a nice roster. Thank you for sharing these. I really want to try your Arras campaign.

  2. I have been inspired by the work you are doing here. Planning on following your example for my Fall of France campaign