Sunday, September 7, 2014

CoC 1940 campaign...teaser

Although I am unable to access most of my gaming materials (packed for an impending move), I have not been hobby-idle. Last time Vidal and I got together, we discussed a campaign using  Chain of Command and At the Sharp End. Seeing that I have a fully-realized 1940 German platoon and a ton of supports and that Vidal has a brand-spankin'-new British platoon (albeit for late war...but we're not that picky) what better way to move forward than to try out a 1940 campaign (oh, and with the French involved since I have them too). So, I've been beavering away at a campaign set-up based on the Arras counter-attack in May 1940.
I was inspired by this awesome campaign set-up: link
The organizer and blogger, Matt, has been helpful in supplying his templates and many thank-yous go out to him!
So, a teaser...

And the campaign map....

Much more to come before the opening moves.


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