Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1940 British platoon

The latest addition to my WWII project is a 1940 British platoon. These are all 28mm Crusader Miniatures, as is the majority of my WWII collection. These have all been painted for speed, using Army Painter desert yellow as a primer, details block painted, and finished with Army Painter dark tone dip (and topped with Dullcote). There are no highlights before or after the dip. I wanted to produce these quickly and cheaply (in terms of effort). I think the process produces a decent effect for the three foot rule. At the more detailed level, there is little subtlety, especially  in the flesh tones, but the effect from above the table is quite good.
I have also started using the 16mpx camera in my Galaxy S5, playing about with the settings (an ongoing process). I recently purchased a clamp to hold the phone on my tripod and results are quite pleasing. The backdrop was printed from an image available here. I also used some photography ideas from the Rust and the City blog here and here.
Platoon commander making his voice heard over the din of battle:
"Over there, you bloody idiots!"
Platoon sergeant, urging on his men (or telling them to "keep their bloody 'eads down").
One of two Vickers MMG teams.
For Chain of Command, these need to be a 5-man teams. There is another singly-based figure for each team not shown here.
2pder AT gun and crew.
There are two more singly-based figures to complete this 5-man team plus Junior Leader (one of which is the observer below).
Observer for the 2pder AT gun.
You can see clearly a downside to the dip method. The dip has pooled excessively at the bottoms of the pant legs. That's my mistake, not dabbing that away...tsk tsk.
One of four 8-man sections.
The basic platoon has only three sections but I decided to add a fourth as a possible support option (besides three 8-man sections makes for a very small platoon and I suspect the fourth section will be a common option).
2" mortar team.
Next up on the painting block...finishing off the 1940 fallschirmjager platoon but this may need to wait...i'll be moving in February so little scope for painting in the next few months.