Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big CoC - 1940

Saturday saw the first Big Chain of Command game on Vidal's new enlarged table. Six players, four infantry platoons, and two armour platoons made for much chaos and fun. I pulled out all of my 1940 collection for the new 9x6 table: German Wermacht, German fallschirmjagers, French infantry and Tommies...all backed up by various bits of armoured kit. I had every intention of taking pictures throughout but the chaos of the game got in the way and only a few pics were snapped at the beginning of the event.

I also have no ability to present an AAR, principally because there was so much going on it was difficult to keep track at the time (let alone now). Suffice to say, the German MG34s (of which there were many) were devastating and caused both the French and British platoons to rout ignominiously (despite having lost the bulk of the German armour support early in the game).

Many thanks to Vidal for hosting and to Sean, Mike, Ray and Tony for coming out and throwing dice (or in the case of Ray and Mike, watching the German players throw double sixes...over and over it seemed!).

 French infantry deploy in a tactical stance.

The German command group occupies the magnificent Crescent Root Studios complex, all guarded by some trusty gendarmes at the gate.

A look down the table. French and infantry defended the left side, Germans attacked from the far side.

 A closer look at the complex gate.Some of the new fallschirmjagers in the background preparing to occupy the buildings.

A view from the British and French baseline (and our host chilling out in the background). The British have already set up their casualty collection station in anticipation of a hard fight. And they were apparently prescient in this was a bloody defeat for the Allies.

Panzer III enters the road to support the intended German attack (this is a lovely AGNM model that hasn't seen the table in a long, long time).

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