Friday, May 22, 2015

Some ImagiNation please..."Arch Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou"

Ah, finally found it! In 2012, Phil painted up a character figure for Le Grand Duché de Gourmandie in the form of Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou. Now that's a mouthful but perfectly suited to this army since it has the Clerics national advantage in Maurice. I had somehow lost the name of this fine individual (kindly dreamt up and supplied by Phil) and could not find it on this blog. Lo and behold it wasn't here but on Phil's blog that I found it (and the picture). So here is the Arch-Bishop, in all his splendour (with Phil's accompanying text). Thanks again Phil (and he will soon see the field again...the itch is growing).

Finally I can reveal the completed model:  "Arch Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou".  The newest member of the Grand Duchy of Gourmandie.  This bad-boy "Most Holy" will be used in Maurice for the Cleric national traits.  I plan on adding my own, but that has to be ordered from The Assault Group and can only be had with a certain amount of pounds purchased.  Lucky for me, my entire second army for my ImagiNation project will be sourced from this fine company.

I tried to match the colours used in the different uniforms of the Grand Duchy of Gourmandie when painting this one up.  Dave and I tend to "compete" with each other when it comes to including various narrative elements to our armies and I feel that this one will fit in well.  He may have gained the upper hand with both the carriage that accompanies his Duke into battle and now this Bishop versus my single wine cart.

This model is HUGE!  Most certainly a 30-32mm one.  It has massive "pitchers mound" syndrome going on.  I was going to dremel down the bottom of the figure, but was a bit unsure with my nerves to do so.  Oh well, I guess Dave can just play it off as being a giant of a man. I had to resort to basing him on a 30mm base vs the usual 25mm... Yea, its that big...

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