Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quebec Games Day

Packed up my passport and trundled up the highway with Michael for some international travel to Quebec and a Games Day hosted by Captain Dan of Red Over Blue. Rather than drone on about the day,  Cpt Dan's excellent articles about the day are here and here. I've added some pictures below as well.

A great weekend of gaming and other manly pursuits with Daniel, Michael, Phil and James (all members of the Canadian forces and damned proud of 'em I am). Another such weekend apparently is in the planning stages...this time in the bustling lakeside resort town of Trenton (the Ontario version).

 Is it surprise that there's no bar to go with the sign or that it's not snowing in Quebec?

 Table set-up for 28mm Bolt Action. This is a mix of Warbases, Sarissa, Crescent Root Studios and scratch-building. The result, I think, is quite spectacular.

Our host, Captain Dan, pontificating (or issuing orders...not sure which). 

Some very nifty new artillery explosion markers. 

Daniel's new Puma skirting the hedgerow. 

American paras approaching the town.

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