Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Battle of Lugio - August 14, 1745 - scenario notes

Preparations afoot for the next ImagiNations game at Vidal's. This encounter will see an appearance of the army of Il Ducato di Libagioni. (Note: This scenario is based mainly on Teaser 8 from Battlegames Tabletop Teasers Vol 1)

Battle of Lugio - August 14, 1745

Pierre-Louis Grand-Duc de Gourmandie has chosen the late summer weather to move once more against Il Ducato di Libagioni in an attempt to annex the agriculturally-rich region of in the bend of the Caprera River. This area has seen much campaigning in recent years (through many generations, in fact) and Pierre-Louis' army commander, Le Marquis de Fromage, is intent on learning from past mistakes and failures. Rather than move directly against the region's stronghold at Castra Taurinorum, he has chosen the more difficult route through the Wood of Lugio. In this way, he hopes to then move onto Siscia and Stirpiacum, thus cutting off Castra Taurinorum from succour to the north. Le Marquis must only force the gauntlet of the Wood of Lugio to reach the open plains beyond. Unfortunately, Il Prinicipe Giuseppe Martellato, has received intelligence of the Gourmandie intentions and has moved forces south to counter the move on Lugio. And unbeknownst to the Gourmandie commander, Il Principe has received some welcome support from his neighbour, KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm!


The tabletop battlefield represents the critical bottleneck through the Wood of Lugio.


To clear the town of Lugio and its environs of any enemy forces in order to move beyond into the open plains to the north.

Coordinating Instructions

Both sides will arrive deployed on a wide front but with units still in column of march.


Gourmandie (Jean Lafitte Roquefort, Marquis de Fromage)

1er Brigade (Phillipe Grand-Nez, Comte de Roquefort)
  • 1er/Regiment d'Infanterie Roqufort
  • 2e/Regiment d'Infanterie Roquefort
  • Artillerie Roquefort
2e Brigade (Cameron von Müller)
  • 1er/Artillerie de Gourmandie
  • 2e/Artillerie de Gourmandie 
  • Artillerie de Gruyère 
3e Brigade (Georges leRoque, Comte de Boursin)
  • 1er/Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin
  • 2e/Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin
  • 3e/Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin
Libagioni (Il Prinicipe Giuseppe Martellato)

Prima Brigata (Barone Vincenzo Paradiso) 
  • Battaglione di Sambuca
  • Battaglione di Campari
  • Granatiere dell'Amaretto
  • 1/Primo Artiglieria
  • 2/Primo Artiglieria
  • Cacciatore di Galliano
Seconda Brigata (Conte Immacolato Baldelli)

  • Regiment der Infanterie Krombacher
  • Regiment der Grenadiere Oettinger
  • Freikorps der Jagers Radeburger
Terzo Brigata (Freiherr Georg von Wolkewitz)
  • Cavalleria di Strega
  • 1/Pistoliere von Doppelbock
  • 2/Pistoliere von Doppelbock

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