Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Black Powder - ImagiNation amendments

Thinking about Black Powder and how I'd like it to help represent my ImagiNation world, I've decided on a few amendments. These are, I think, playing with modifiers etc and not fiddling with the basic rules mechanics.

First up, artillery deployment...

In Last Argument of Kings, the BP 18th century supplement, it's recommended that once artillery deploys (i.e. unlimbers), it may not re-limber again during the course of the battle. This is meant to represent either the use of civilian drivers and their reluctance to stick around once the guns were deployed or the general lack of mobility of 18th century artillery. Whether the latter was a product of doctrine or actual difficulty in moving the pieces once deployed is debatable. There were some notable exceptions to this, including His Grace The Duke of Marlborough's artillery commander, Colonel Blood, who is famous for his ability to keep his artillery mobile at Blenheim. In my ImagiNation world, artillery may re-limber but must pass a command test to do so. Note: This does not apply to battalion guns, which may move with accompanying infantry as per usual.

And some new special rules (i.e. unit characteristics)...

As BP has no specific rules suggestions for caracoling cavalry, I need something for the Pistoliere Dopplebock, my most recent addition to Das KaiserReich. As per my previous post, "von Wolkewitz chose the unusual, and perhaps anachronistic, expedient of arming and training his regiment with the aim of employing the caracole as the primary battlefield tactic. This involves the squadrons calmly riding forward in line, one behind the other, until a mere 50 paces from the enemy (cavalry, infantry or artillery). The lead squadron looses a pistol volley then wheels and falls back around the second squadron which then proceeds to repeat the exercise. The squadrons continue to cycle through this process, hoping to weaken the enemy force, before attempting to charge home." I will try the following rules for this unit: In order to counter-charge, a cavalry unit with the caracole characteristic must first pass a command test. If the test is failed, the unit will issue closing fire rather than charge. In order to charge, a cavalry unit with the caracole characteristic must first pass a command test. If the test is failed, the unit will stop at 6 inches from the target unit and issue fire.

A commander with the clergy characteristic may, once per turn, attempt to rally any unit within 12"; however, the target unit must be outside 12" from the enemy. He may not issue commands to any unit other than rallyThis special rule is designed specifically for Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou, who personally accompanies the army of Le Grand Duché de Gourmandie. In this case, the Arch-Bishop is rated as an '8' for rally purposes. 

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