Saturday, August 8, 2015

Das KaiserReich: 1. Große FeldArtillerie

A new addition to Das KaiserReich (the perpetual and implacable enemy of Le Grand-Duché de Gourmandie) is part gift and part scrounging. During our recent trip to Historicon, Bob Lehman gifted me with some painted artillery pieces for my ImagiNation project. Among these was the large mortar in the photos below. He painted this in the traditional blue of Das KaiserReich. I came home with this gift with some re-infused enthusiasm for the project and immediately went about pulling out artillerists to add. Within a couple of weeks I received a mystery package from Ken "All the King's Men Toy Soldiers" Cliffe that contained six wonderfully painted artillerists. Ken, who normally reserves his considerable painting talent for 54mm figures, has done a splendid job with these Old Glory figures. These were immediately drafted to man 1. Große FeldArtillerie and its 24lb mortar. I decided to base it more statically than the regular field artillery and cast about for some earthworks etc. I was lucky to find two resin gabion pieces that i had painted a number of years ago and then had promptly forgotten. Adding in a few powder barrels and Voila! Thanks to Bob & Ken for helping create a nice compliment to my ImagiNation forces.

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