Friday, September 11, 2015

ImagiNations: taking stock

With my new-found enthusiasm for this project still going strong, I thought I'd take stock of my plans and progress. A few years ago, I took advantage of Old Glory's 40% discount program to purchase a large number of Crusader figures before the latter severed its distribution partnership with the former. I was able to fill out the lead pile with most of my planned armies. I've added a few more over the past couple of years. Recently, I've been having Captain Dan (from Red Over Blue) and my good friend Bob Lehman in Ohio take on some of the painting (although I've been puttering away as well...see my previous post). I'm happy to report that with my new additions and the ones finished by my painting partners (almost called them minions), I am well past 50% completed the project.

In fact, 58% of Gourmandie units are completed and 63% of KaiserReich units. Of course, these numbers are by unit and don't reflect figure/horse/equipment counts. And, of course, 100% of Libagioni units are complete (but that's cuz I bought 'em that way).

Here are my grand sweeping plans and progress; underlined units and commanders are complete (note: I've included completed units but not yet delivered and in my hands).

Le Grand-Duché de Gourmandie
(Jean Lafitte Roquefort, Marquis de Fromage)
(Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou)     

1er Brigade (Phillipe Grand-Nez, Comte de Roquefort)
  • 1er/Infanterie Roquefort
  • 2e/Infanterie Roquefort
  • Artillerie de Roquefort
  • Grenadiers de Camembert

2e Brigade (Jean-Jacques LaPierre, Comte de Gruyère)
  • 1er/Infanterie Gruyère
  • 2e/Infanterie Gruyère
  • Artillerie de Gruyère
  • Grenadiers de Gourmandie

3e Brigade (Cameron von Müller)
  • 1er/Artillerie de Gourmandie
  • 2e/Artillerie de Gourmandie
  • 3e/Artillerie de Gourmandie
  • 4e/Artillerie de Gourmandie

4e Brigade (Georges leRoque, Comte de Boursin)
  • Grenadiers à Cheval Boursin
  • Dragons de Saint-Feliciens
  • Dragons de Saint-Pierre              

5e Brigade (Henri Sanglier, Vicomte de Champaigne)
  • Dragons de la Grande-Duchesse
  • Hussards de le Grand Duc

Independent Units
  • Épéistes Étrangers
  • Garde de Champaigne

Das KaiserReich
(KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm)

1. Brigade (Reichsgraf Reinhard von Blumhardt)
  • Infanterie Krombacher
  • Infanterie Märzen
  • Grenadiere Oettinger
  • Grenadiere Bock

2. Brigade Freiherr Ulrich von Schlender)
  • 1. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß
  • 2. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß
  • 3. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß
  • 4. FeldArtillerie zu Fuß

3. Brigade (Reichsritter Volker Guttmacher)
  • Lieb Kürassiere
  • Grenadiere zu Pferde Warsteiner

4. Brigade (Reichsritter Hildebrandt Freytag)
  • Ulanen Hasseroder
  • Pistoliere von Doppelbock 

5. Brigade (Freiherr Erik von Radeburger)
  • Freikorps der Jagers Radeburger
  • Freikorps der Ulanen Radeburger
  • Artillerie der Radeburger

Independent Units
  • 1. Große FeldArtillerie

Ducati di Libagioni
(Il Prinicipe Giuseppe Martellato)

Prima Brigata (Barone Vincenzo Paradiso)
  • Battaglione di Sambuca
  • Battaglione di Campari
  • Granatiere dell'Amaretto
  • 1/Primo Artiglieria
  • 2/Primo Artiglieria

Independent Units
  • Cacciatore di Galliano
  • Cavalleria di Strega
  • 1/Secondo Artiglieria

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