Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Battle for Frontenard - October 16, 1745 - scenario notes

Flush with success at forcing a crossing of the Lower Cabrera at Petit Montagnac, Il Prinicipe Martellato pushes onto the southeast toward Frontenard. With this move he hopes to cut off the border fortress of Champaigne from communication with and succour from the bulk of Gourmandie territory to the west. Martellato also knows that his fragile alliance with KronPronz Friedrich Wilhelm could at any time devolve into a purely business arrangement (more so than it already is) and the KaiserReich ruler could quickly demand the return of his troops marching with the Libagioni army.

Unfortunately for Martellato, when his columns pull close to Frontenard and shake themselves out into battle order, he sees through the morning mist that the Gourmandie army has not been idle in the weeks following the crossing of the Cabrera. Before Martellato's eyes and spanning the plain to the east of Frontenard are substantial earthworks and artillery emplacements!

However, in Martellato's favour... he enjoys a substantial numerical superiority. A number of units have joined his field army since the last encounter with Gourmandie, including the newly raised Ulanen Hasseroder from Das KaiserReich as well as Libagioni siege artillery.

Defending Frontenac, the Gourmanide army again enjoys the presence of Le Marquis de Fromage and the most redoubtable Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou. Le Marquis is fresh from the recent marriage of his eldest son Michel-Davide, Comte d'Auvergne and is in fine fighting spirit, despite the daunting odds before him.

The Libagioni army need only oust le Marquis from Frontenard to effect the isolation of the fortress of Champaigne. Martellato can then decide to invest the fortress or move farther south into the heart of Gourmandie.

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