Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Winter '44 Support Teams

Not much off the painting desk this past week. I was able to finish up some support teams for my winter '44 platoons. Otherwise, my hobby time has been spent on the administration of a new ImagiNation campaign. I've posted a few tidbits in previous posts. So far, the players have submitted their first two Intentions and troops of the various nations are stirring from their winter quarters. The much - awaited Sharp Practice 2 arrived in my inbox on Saturday and a test game involving some border skirmishes in our ImagiNation world is in the cards for next weekend.

On to the new units...

German MMG team (Warlord Games)

 German FOO team (Warlord Games)

US 3 inch Anti-Tank Gun (Warlord Games)
This is a massive beast and it's not surprising that it wasn't particularly liked by the troops. 

inspired by this photo...

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