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Battle of Sulinger: June 11, 1746

As the summer begins in Finum Mundi, troop movements along the KaiserReich-St Julien border continue. After a small rebuff in his efforts to scout the small town of Sulinger (see Border Skirmish: Sulinger, April 30, 1746), El Duque had gathered substantial forces to push into Sulinger and make the first major inroads of the 1746 campaign. 

Facing the majority of the St Julien army were two small brigades of KaiserReich infantry and artillery. While El Duque had an advantage in numbers of units, all of the St Julien regiments were small (in Black Powder terms) and were facing full-strength KaiserReich infantry regiments (standard-sized in BP), supported by heavy artillery. The St Julien cavalry, although quite small in numbers, would prove a decisive advantage.

St Julien
(note: El Duque, suffering from an acute attack of piles, was not present at the battle)


The town of Sulinger.

The KaiserReich initial deployment, anchored on the town of Sulinger. 

Grenadiere Oettinger, covering the left flank of the town and providing a reserve. Unfortunately, this fine regiment, by far the best on the field that day, saw little to no action.

KaiserReich heavy artillery deploy near Sulinger.

St Julien forces deploy to attack.

The first St Julien attack rolls in against the KaiserReich main line. The small size of the St Julien regiments can be seen here... and the flexibility of the St Julien cavalry. The KaiserReich army in Sulinger had no cavalry attached and, as the picture above shows, this would prove to be a serious liability.

Some time later (but not much later), the rightmost KaiserReich infantry regiment has been defeated and its now the turn of its neighbour. The manoeuvrability of the small St Julien infantry regiments has allowed a quick wheel into the flank.

Adding insult to injury, St Julien cavalry get into the rear! The melee result was inevitable and Infanterie Marzen, finding itself surrounded, promptly laid down its arms in surrender.

Meanwhile, on the opposite flank... Grenadiere Oettinger moves forward to counter the St Julien move on the town. Unfortunately, this came too late to prevent (or even affect) the collapse of the KaiserReich right flank.

The KaiserReich force has retreated northward, licking its wounds. Fortunately, all the army's guns were brought from the field. El Duque must now decide whether to press his advantage or turn his army about to deal with the sea-borne landing of another KasierReich force in the north of St Julien.

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