Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Q2 2016 Points Total

Following on from a previous post this year, I have totted up my points total for Q1 & Q2 of 2016 (according to the points assessments on Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge). I'm quite pleased with my progress so far this year, as I've exceeded both of the individual point totals from the last two years in the first of half of 2016 alone! In fact, my personal output (as opposed to commission work added to the collections) exceeds the total personal additions for the last two years combined. Thus, my nerd pleasure at seeing the stats and graphs increasing steadily.

Total Points by year: red line represents total points additions and blue my personal output.

Percentage of the totals of my personal output by year .

2016 additions to the collections:

collection unit type # figs total points
ImagiNations Musketiere Marzen foot 28 140
ImagiNations Fulisiere Wiesbier foot 28 140
ImagiNations KaiserReich command mounted 7 70
ImagiNations Hussars Grand Duc mounted 8 80
English Civil War foot regiment foot 28 140
World War II US infantry foot 62 310
World War II US infantry artillery 1 10
Carlist Wars Aragon infantry foot 12 60
World War II 1944 Wermacht foot 11 55
World War II 1944 Wermacht artillery 1 10
ImagiNations KaiserReich civilians foot 4 20
ImagiNations KaiserReich commanders mounted 2 20
ImagiNations KR carriage mounted n/a 55
World War II German MMG & FOO foot 6 30
World War II US 3" AT gun foot 4 30
World War II US vehicles vehicle 4 80
World War II panther vehicle 1 20
World War II PzIV, Stug III, hetzer vehicle 3 60
Carlist Wars Tortosa infantry foot 15 75
ImagiNations Fusiliere Schwarzbier foot 24 120
ImagiNations Dragons Grande-Duchesse mounted 8 80
Carlist Wars Isabellino artillery foot 12 60
Carlist Wars Isabellino artillery artillery 3 30
War of 1812 US militia foot 11 55

Le Monde: 5 Juillet, 1746

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sharp Practice 2: Carlist Wars

At the Trenton Gaming Emporium this past weekend, we had a very enjoyable outing with Sharp Practice 2, using the Carlist Wars collection. Facing off against the Carlists (commanded by Jack) were a predominantly British Auxiliary Legion force (commanded by Michael).

As this was Jack's first experience with SP2 (and Michael's second?), I chose the simplest scenario from the rule book, Scenario One, An Encounter  and both sides received 12 points of support (while the Carlists received another five points for the Force point differential. 

The Cristinos chose to upgrade their Level I Big Man to a Level III and ???

The Carlists were supplemented with an Exploring Officer, two irregular skirmish groups and a Level I Big Man to command them.

A few photos of the game...first up, some Deployment Points:

Cristino cavalry piquet. 
(Perry Miniatures)

A vivandiere to re-supply the troops . This was originally intended for the ImagiNations project and will undoubtedly see double duty. 
(Eureka Miniatures, Renedra tent, and Front Rank ox)

A lady of questionable repute offers succour to the passing troops.
(Eureka cart and donkey, Renedra tent and lady of unknown origin) 

The British Auxiliary Legion march forward, belching fire and destruction. The first fire from this formation included a Controlled Volley and a Crushing Volley to produce a staggering 26 points of shock on a 2-group Carlist formation. BAM!!

Carlist Big Man urging forward his skirmishers. 

Cristino guard infantry move forward to support the BAL