Friday, August 19, 2016

Gathering of the Clan (3): gimme shelter (trees abound)

Throughout the week of gaming in the wilds of New Brunswick, eldest offspring Michael has been slaving away at producing new trees for the group. We had prepared before leaving the centre of the universe (Ontario) by purchasing various bags of Woodland Scenics tree armatures and clump foliage. The plan was (and is) to create new trees to be split between all of us (Michael, Daniel, Phil and me). Phil had also purchased a number of armatures to add to the pile. Unfortunately, Michael was stuck with most of the work and a lot of work he's done!

Armatures glued to their bases (and this isn't even all of them). 
What you don't see here is the work Michael went through beforehand: 1) dipping the armatures in boiling water to spread out the branches; 2) cutting out all the bases from mdf; 3) bevelling all the base edges with an orbital sander. 

The result of the sanding :)

Trees and bases primed dark brown.

Armatures dry-brushed (another mindless and long process) and the flocking has begun. This involves much super glue and boundless patience. In the background can be seen various trees with flocking completed. Of course, once this is complete for all the armatures, the bases need to be terrained and flocked. This is a massive operation and many kudos to the eldest spawn but these are gonna look awesome and seriously upgrade our tables.

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